Developing a description

Being passionate about programming, ideally you would have been playing around with code since you were young.

I wouldn't say that I'm passionate about programming, but that mostly stems from my own belief that I'm not particularly good at it and can't understand it and it makes me extremely discouraged, but I do my best. All the same, such lines just make me feel as though programming and the world of it is extremely inaccessible, unless you've been doing it since you were in the crib or similar.

Of course, this is (probably) not true, but nonetheless the irrationality that drives me does get incensed at the interpretation that I am not and will never be good enough unless I'm just the same.

I have great respect for developers, and hope one day to write an epic post that details why. But some of this respect and admiration also leads to envy and jealousy that I will never quite match them (my own opinion, of course).

But anyway, lots of people are probably in the same boat. That's all from me.