[Design] Asian European Blend

DGSI Artwork

I spent most of the evening and night Sunday and the morning of Monday working on this set of three images in an artwork and I still don't know how it came about. I had a lot of assistance from Ruben though, which I'm quite thankful for since it really sped the process along, not having to go and search up fabrics and having someone I could sound ideas off.

If you wanted me to put together some sort of tutorial about how to make this, I wouldn't be able to help you out. My best friend in making artworks is my Wacom Intuos 4 drawing tablet and my stylus since it allows me to be much more precise than with a touchpad or a pen, and enabled me to use the pen pressure option, so if you don't have one my advice is limited anyway.

These artworks were mostly composed in Photoshop CS6, by blending images together using the eraser with these settings and blend modes, cropping with the magnet lasso and polygonal lasso, Ripple effect in Filter menu, masking and from converting some images into new brushes (this makes them much more flexible to use than keeping them as images, however they need to be black and white/monochrome to really turn out well).

Patterns on the Furisode

The theme of this artwork is meant to be colours, and the influence of Western and Eastern culture on each other, specifically here more like European vs Chinese/Japanese. I would have loved to play around with monochrome effects, but the red came out so strongly already, it likely would have been a dull image without the rest of the colours. People analyse artworks in different ways though, so I won't dictate to you as to how this artwork should be interpreted, if you enjoy it that's alright with me. I'd be interesting in hearing your interpretation if you want to send me a Tweet.

I would probably say the middle image is still my favourite though the first image was the most pleasing to create and similarly the most time consuming considering all the cups of tea had to be cut out individually. The last image is my least favourite and the one I feel doesn't mesh so well with the rest of these images as a set. If anyone is actually interesting in seeing how these were put together, feel free to ask.

No name for this artwork piece yet. Anyone want to help me out?