Decorated IKEA Upptäcka backpacks

Decorated Upptäcka backpacks! :D

Although our initial plan was very different, yesterday Ruben and I decided to visit IKEA and finally get those Upptäcka backpacks we've been dreaming of. Our good friend Seb has had his for a good month already and seemed quite satisfied with it, so who are we to question the judgement of a friendly potato?

Although we wanted to rush home and test out the lovely things already, we were firstly tired, and secondly Ruben suggested that we should Scotchgard the bags before we used them to make them last longer. Thus the bag was left overnight in his good care (since I'd never heard of or used the stuff before and he had some already!).

Today I headed over with a box full of badges and we spent a couple of happy hours just adding badges to our liking. Some of Ruben's older badges were quite firmly entrenched in his old bag which was a shame, and it seems several have vanished, but this just means there will be more opportunities to obtain badges in the future~ I'm boring and got a blue bag, but the intent was to be less noticeable, not more! Since I already have a purple bag. Then again, badges are pretty noticeable too. Obviously we used different approaches in decorating the bags, but they both look good to me!

Swedish edition 'The Animals of Farthing Wood'!

Interestingly, while we were wandering through IKEA, Ruben pulled this book out of a cupboard and passed it to me whereupon I pretended to read from it, reading aloud in probably horrible Swedish. But after studying it for a while, it began to look like a story that I knew and I asked Ruben if he thought so too. We agree that it looked like 'The Animals of Farthing Wood' and I looked at all the illustrations and pointed out why it probably was.

And you know what? It was!

Was severely tempted to buy a scented candle yesterday, but maybe next time since pennies are tight! And yes, I need to work on my photography.