Death at Pemberley

Death Comes to Pemberley introo image

Despite the dawn of fanfiction writing happening so long ago that I would have been too small to remember it (if alive at all), I’m still surprised even today when I see a series called Death Comes to Pemberley cropping up on ABC TV’s iView app. As a ‘fan’ of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, although most definitely not a fan of analysing it for English, it was a must-watch for me, as it delved into the lives of Elizabeth and Darcy post-Pride-and-Prejudice.

Married life has treated Elizabeth and Darcy well, both blossoming into love, but disaster strikes, arriving in the form of a shrieking Lydia - screaming loud enough to shake down the sturdy stone walls of Pemberley. Shots were fired in the woods, and Wickham is found with the body of his friend. What follows is much fingerpointing, delving into ‘secrets’ of the Darcys that Austen may or may not have ever intended, a battle of doubts and trusts, and a hunt for the truth, as elusive as it is.

Hardly a spoiler, but a little bit of insight into one of the more exciting three-part-series I’ve watched. Not that I’ve watched that many three-part-series. It’s an interesting insight into Elizabeth’s married life after Pride and Prejudice but does require some prior knowledge of the undercurrents and relationships between characters. It sure kept me on the edge of my seat despite being not all that quickly paced.

I might really have to go and find myself the source text to read now. Was it written in the same style or written differently? How did the series diverge? We shall see.