Dealing with douches

Listening to my parents sort out claims during dinner tonight, I was reminded of an incident almost a year ago that has been an absolute nightmare for our family over the aforestated past year. Around February of 2012, my grandmother was accused of damaging a man's can parked outside of her unit while on her daily walk to the shops.

The fact that these men had set up a car across the road deliberately filming people that came into contact with the van and made baseless accusations and claims only serves to aggravate our family further as my grandmother's language barrier serves to further complicate the situation. Despite the lack of sufficient evidence, and claims that have no backing to them, this case made it to court almost 6 months later, and I was there with most of my family at the courthouse as they went through the legal proceedings.

Keys scratched your car perhaps?
Wanted: crappy black van that looks like it's been in an accident

The court decided that my grandmother most likely had scratched the van, but not to what extent, and recently almost another 6 months later, we finally received a letter claiming damages to the vehicle, and other expenses such as their inability to work because their vehicle had been damaged.

Why a case of something so small could make it to court when there are plenty of more important issues at hand, or why fully grown men would take advantage of an elderly lady in poor health who also happens to be Asian with a language barrier I cannot understand, although I can accept that douchebags will always exist. They were like a dog with a bone on the matter despite the complete lack of evidence in almost all areas of the case. Probably all, to be honest.

This is a dog with a bone
This is lot cuter though

Although we did not get the outcome we desired in the court case, it doesn't mean our family will allow people to take advantage of us, or we will give in easily. Even if the easiest path would have been to pay the damages from the start just to avoid having to involve someone in so frail health in court proceedings, once you've shown you can be easily taken advantage of, it will only become easier next time for someone else to do the same and whenever a car is damaged, immediately people will associate this with something you have done.

But I suppose the lesson to draw for this is fight for what you believe in. If you've done nothing wrong, then fight for your rights. Douchebags and scumbags will always exist, we can only do our best to show them that they won't win.

Image of car keys from Drive
Image of dog with a bone from GoForSouls