Day 7 of Anime

Yet another difficult question for today, I know what’s coming… who came up with these? They’re really hurting my heart having to make a choice because for once instead of beating around the bush I’m determined to actually make the most honest choice I can for each of these questions. Without further ado, let’s get on with it.

Day 7 - Favorite anime opening theme song

I have to be glad that for this question, we’re restricted to opening theme songs, because that potentially cuts my list of song titles by half theoretically speaking. Yet there are still just so many anime opening themes which are absolutely amazing. Let’s name a few off the top of my head.

Crap, I got carried away again with listing.

The problem with opening themes is actually that I’m more likely to listen to them than closing ones most of the time. Depending on who I’m watching with and the device I’m watching on, it can be easier to skip the ending theme than it is to skip the opening theme - though this sometimes means I miss out on the specials after the episode. It wouldn’t be the first time that happened.

An example is that when I watched Bakemonogatari I skipped most of the openings, but when I watched Code Geass I skipped most of the ending themes.

Another aspect of it is usually when I start watching an anime, I’m unhurried and happy to watch the opening theme, yet when I’m at the end of an episode usually I’m impatient and in a hurry to move on to the next episode. This is usually the case when marathoning, so it’s a slightly different story with current season anime - where sometimes I just turn off when the ending theme starts because I want to move on to the next series I need to watch.

Anyway, to throw a spanner in the works even though there are so many anime tunes which I know and love and haven’t even included in the list above because it would get too long, I think there can only be one choice here. This song inspired me for a long time and I used it as an alarm when I was in high school to try and get myself pumped for school or whatever was to come during the day.

This song is KARMA by Bump of Chicken! It’s even better with the animation from the anime (not the game) but failing that here’s the official PV:

There is comparison of TV and game OPs here, but the ending credits animation has been used for the second half of the song, because anime OPs are only about a minute, whereas the game one is almost double that length. If you get bored though, there’s plenty more tunes above I’d rock out to in a heartbeat. Or should that be in a HEART☆BEAT (from Deltora Quest)? Ohoho…