Day 51 of Anime

Cast of Kuroshitsuji

Day 51 - Favourite maid or butler

I think I’ll put down a maid and butler from the same series. It goes without saying that favourite butler has to go to Sebastian Michaelis from Kuroshitsuji because he really is one hell of a butler (aku made shitsuji desu kara)… hidden meaning and all.

I like Grell Sutcliffe a lot because, well, he has red hair and although he’s dangerous and maybe even a little insane, I kind of remember him fondly somehow. I even have a figure of him! However in this case, I still think Sebastian has to take the favourite title, since he’s voiced by the beloved OnoD after all. I might not really keep tabs on what anime he’s in anymore, but OnoD would still inspire me to immediately jump over and watch whatever he’s worked on.

Favourite maid goes to Maylene from Kuroshitsuji as well, because even though she seems a little ditzy and clumsy, tripping over he feet in the Phantomhive mansion, she’s actually deadly and weilds a mean sniper rifle - I think it was one of those? Maybe it was something else. Her fangirling over Sebastian can be sometimes annoying but she’s truly formidable.

I’ll admit, I’m sorely tempted to put sukumizu maid Kusugawa Sasara, but while she’s cute and all I admit I don’t really know a great deal about her. She appears in a lot of merchandise yet she doesn’t seem to be in a lot of the ToHeart2 (or other ToHeart) anime at all? Oh well. She’s super cute nonetheless.