Day 5 of Anime

Not only is he redundant, he’s also a hypocrite. You lived!

Day 5 - Most annoying anime character

It will not be a surprise to some that I tend to get annoyed at most anime characters, especially main characters. For example Taiga from Toradora was irritating and I only forced my way through that series because everyone said it was really good, and it was actually very good despite the irritation I went through. Usagi from Junjou Romantica is also irritating in his manipulating ways - only Junjou Egoist, my favourite pairing from the series, got me through. (Now that I think of it, ‘favourite’ comes from ‘favoured’.)

But now that I’ve come to this question, I can’t quite pinpoint one which I would consider the most annoying. Perhaps I’ll just pick the one I’ve thought was most annoying of late.

One person that immediately comes to mind from over the past few months of getting back into anime watching is Cecilia Alcott from Infinite Stratos, who has a tendency of being a snob and having an annoying laugh. But seeing all the anime figures of her and liking her design (looks) conceptually, I’ve come to like her more despite her annoying personality in the anime. She certainly has the skills to backup her pride and I suppose she’s alright. Harmless.

The second person that comes to mind is from a currently running anime, Kyoukai no Rinne or RIN-NE for the Western audiences (in case you can’t pronounce it). Ageha is first introduced to us innocently enough, but fancies herself together with Rinne, taking any opportunity to lure Rinne into strange predicaments with her. Perhaps I don’t like her because until the point she arrives, the anime is interesting as Rinne and Sakura go about finding spirits that need sending on, occasionally accompanied by Tsubasa. Once she arrives the anime descends into both Tsubasa and Ageha trying to force the pair apart with Rinne’s father just repeatedly arriving to screw Rinne over. While not the only character that irritates me, definitely seemed the catalyst to the series ‘turning sour’.

(Come to think of it, Rinne in this series is an unusually considerate and careful person, it feels like Ageha embodies the usual “quick to assume, and not overly smart” male protagonists in series, which comes to show my preferences as I can put up with this from the males to an extent, but from this female character - I’m at my limit.)

But a character that definitely takes the cake over Cecilia and Ageha/Sabato is Emiya Shirou from Fate/Stay Night. I haven’t really seen very much of the new Unlimited Blade Works, which I’ve heard is a better show overall, but his ‘I must sacrifice myself to protect others’ mentality in the original anime adaptation gets old fast. This is especially as he runs around the town without his servant, Saber, despite her expressively telling him that she is not actually alive and and therefore he should leave the fighting to her.

Is this reason to let her fight and get hurt? I think yes because she understands the situation and if Shirou cooperated with her and strategised with her he could prevent the both of them getting hurt, rather than blindly running around the whole time.

Instead he rushes about, getting stabbed and otherwise injured which threatens her existence and participation, while denying her participation by leaving her out of the loop, ignoring and trampling over her wishes entirely and generally just imposing his misplaced ideals on everyone. These heroics were mildly interesting when I first got into Fate/Stay Night in high school, but they’re not amusing at all now. It’s nice that he thinks he can fight without magic, but renders me to shouting at the screen ‘Just stop it. Get Saber!’. Shirou, you take the cake.

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