Day 48 of Anime

Udon in anime

Day 48 - Delicious food in anime

I couldn’t decide because all anime food is just looks so amazingly delicious. There are entire Tumblrs dedicated to images of food in anime, after all. I wanted to find an image of food prepared in Rurouni Kenshin at one point, but then decided fuck it, noodles are king! I could have gone ramen, but I’ve always loved udon so… no contest.

The only problem with anime food pictures is the obscuring anime steam. Damn you, steam! But there is also anime out there that don’t seem to animate food so well.. doesn’t look so tasty. :(

Little did I realise I’d already blogged about this before until I did a Google search and my blog came up. I’m predictable, eh? To be honest, it would have been a delicious thing to do to post something from Shokugeki no Souma/Food Wars but oh well.