Day 46 of Anime

Sinon from SAO with cat ears and tail

Day 46 - I want to see some cute tails!

I don’t neccessarily like Sword Art Online (or dislike it), but I do really like Sinon’s design. My colleagues at ITC even got me a lovely Sinon figure before I left, and I adore it. I honestly haven’t seen her in action on the screen, but she’s strong and beautiful yet her ‘real life’ personality is so endearing.

I was going to post something from NEKOPARA actually, but then I realised it’s not an anime but a visual novel. There are animated videos from it though, I suppose. I know people generally say it’s a pretty terrible visual novel, but I think it’s cute and I like the designs even though it seems like it’s definitely lacking in many areas. Ah well.

The above picture illustrated by Yuuki Tatsuya (結城辰也).