Day 45 of Anime

Day 45 - Favourite lesser known / obscure anime.

What’s ‘lesser known/obscure’ I wonder - quite a few of the anime that I like aren’t particularly mainstream as far as I can tell, yet I bet some might consider the series that I put up to not necessarily be ‘lesser known/obscure’ either. One case in point, I wouldn’t consider many of the titles on this list to be ‘lesser known’, but clearly from a mainstream perspective (omg naruto bleach pokemon one piece) it is.

Well, I came to a decision anyway. At first I was going to go with Utakoi which is classed as ‘Historical/Jousei’, and a “super-liberal interpretation” of the 100 poems, like the one that appears in Chihayafuru. I never finished this series but I fully intend to at some stage. It has intriguing music, an interesting perspective, an insight into history and curious characters which makes it good in my eyes, yet not necessarily something I would recommend to others.

Another anime that came to mind was one which was previously on Crunchyroll but now I can no longer find it. It wasn’t fully animated… and now I remember the name of the producer/collection so I can look it up. It belonged to the ‘Manga 2.5’ … project? This is because it’s partially still, some frames literally have no animation, but parts of it are actually quite nicely animated. What’s the name? Oh right: EDO Nekoe Jubei Otogisoshi. How was I supposed to remember that?

It tells the story of a painter called Jubei who can communicate with cats. With his drawings and skills he tackles several scenarios, helping people with sickness and helping people with their fears. It’s an interesting universe that’s painted, and the style of delivery is even more intriguing.

But again, not everyone’s cup of tea. This one I’m selecting for today’s post is actually Karakuri Zoushi Ayatsuri Sakon: a very good, but as some say ‘unloved’ anime. It’s about a Bunraku puppeteer, Sakon, and his puppet Ukon who travel around performing at various venues and occasions which often become embroiled in murders and Sakon is on hand to help them figure out what is going on with his deductive excellence and quiet observantness.

For some it might still not be their cup of tea because of the old style of animation, but the mystery hooked me in from the first episode and has kept me ever since. Sakon’s quiet and shy yet when there’s something to be uncovered in front of him, be becomes bold and gains a sense of purpose even when others insist it’s none of his business. He feel compelled to figure it out.

It’s a series that makes you think like that which is the most fun, and I couldn’t get around the meaningfulness of their names either. Ahhh. The original manga was illustrated by the same artist that went on to do DEATH NOTE, Hikaru no Go and Bakuman by the way, which means despite the style of this anime, if you look up any art of the characters it is beautiful. You may not appreciate the style, but oh well. Your loss.