Day 44 of Anime

Hei from Darker than Black

Day 44 - Favourite hat/mask/headgear from an anime.

I admit I completely forgot about this particular mask, but the moment I remembered it - no contest. I’ve seen that mask a thousand times on Hei as he swung and slunk around in Darker Than Black and it’s simple elegance is great. It seems to be of some sort of ceramic origin because it keeps shattering, but it seemed to do its job well enough in obscuring Hei’s ‘real identity’ (alter ego Li Shen Shung) throughout the series - somehow.

Simple but effective is always best, right? In design, in food, in many things. I should remember that for myself.

No long spiel again though I’d like to hammer out more about other masks if I had the inclination. I’m sure there are some that I also like - for example Zero’s helmet in Code Geass. Hmm, I guess Kakashi’s face mask and/or Anbu from Naruto technically also counts, right? Oh, and Gin’s mask from Hotarubi no Mori e… now it’s all coming flooding back.