Day 43 of Anime

Day 43 - Which anime had the greatest impact on your life (oddly deep)

I guess I can’t well say Inuyasha or Natsume Yuujinchou this time around, huh? Well I guess the anime which had the greatest impact on my life (technically series, but you know..) would be Katekyo Hitman Reborn. Through that series I met a lot of different people and expanded my community a million times more than trying to connect with fans of Inuyasha and Rurouni Kenshin - two fairly old series where ‘active’ fans were likely to have disappeared to new fandoms already.

Through it, I improved my writing skills (though I’ve since lost it again) and began writing gay pairings, I digged myself deeper into the world of yaoi, I learnt about the craziness of fandom such that pairing names were written with numbers (1827, 6918, 8059, D18, DS, XS…etc). I started to draw guys rather than my usual 99% female cast, I started to attempt to draw more animals and I learnt how to draw spiky hair - kind of. I did roleplay of lots of different characters on different communities and became exposed to different networks and styles (writing and drawing). I became more adventurous with digital art and colouring, and I created icons and did ‘manga colourings’ in various weeks.

It also kept me sane while I was pretty much sinking when doing my first internship. Probably I should have tried harder and made a better impression, but I simply didn’t want to be there and fandom and KHR got me through it. Guess that should have been a sign I just don’t suit desk work.

There was a lot the series gave and while I’m no longer an active fan and I’m sure other fans have also swum to some greener fields, it’s still a fandom which I think about fondly. Sometimes I kind of wish I could go back to those times, but a time past is a time gone. Still, I hope one day to meet those friends with whom I became so close with online and we can reminisce and fan over the same things once again, despite how we’ve diverged.