Day 42 of Anime

Anime straps on my keys

Day 42 - Favourite anime merchandise that you have or wish you have

Did you think I was going to say an anime figure? It’s true, I do have a lot of anime figures and I do really like quite a lot of them - some particularly mentionable ones are: Kyoto Animation’s Nagato Yuki (from The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya), Sakura Saber, Luke fon Fabre from Tales of the Abyss (re-release), Oshino Shibobu by Good Smile Company (re-release).

But a favourite piece of merchandise? That’s hard to say.

The merchandise I wish I could have is slightly easier. There’s plenty of manga and figures that I would want, but if I were to decide on what to wish for next, this would probably be top of my list ever since I bought and gifted it to Jane many, many months ago: Gray Fullbuster 17 scale from Good Smile Company. Sure, he doesn’t look exactly like I know him (from manga, whoops), but he’s really well sculpted and - here’s the amazing part - his arms are magnetic making it super easy to put his shirt on or off - at least heaps easier than figures I’ve seen being released currently where you still need to yank hard to remove and push hard to pop them back in.

Knowing Gray, he’ll be taking that shirt off a lot anyway - that’s in character by the way, not perversion. ;) It’s really nice to see more male figures out for us girls.

Now, back to favourite piece of merchandise - to be honest I probably have to go with my new(-ish) straps if you asked me at this current day, age and time. Getting my Grell Sutcliffe strap and actually intending to use it spawned a new obsession for anime character straps and I’m pleased that for a change I’m actually using my merchandise rather than letting it sit around forever, just getting lost within my drawers or gathering dust. There are still straps I can’t bear to use unless I’ve got a spare in case the one I have breaks/is damaged, but I’m stoked that I have merchandise I can use for a change.

Other than that, I probably have to go with my extensive manga collection. :) Is that technically ‘anime merchandise’, I’ll leave that to you to decide again. BUT if you don’t like that either, I’ll go with my delightful Nagato Yuki figure which cost me quite a bit to obtain given it’s limited release and released by Kyoto Animation themselves rather than licensed out. Detailed to an extreme, my only concern is I have no idea where the supporting ‘stick’ that came with the figure goes. The jacket needs extra support, but despite looking around I can’t find a way to prop the stick under it. Apparently I need an instructional manual.