Day 4 of Anime

Onwards and upwards! I’m not sure what you think of the quality of these posts, I can only assure you that more thought and effort have gone into them than you can probably tell.


Day 4 - What is the LAST anime you watched that made you cry?

Wow, what a difficult question.. I generally don’t tend to cry while watching things, so I don’t know if I will be able to recall the last anime that made me cry.

As a general rule, I’m more likely to get intensely frustrated at an anime than shed a tear - lots of animes have the potential to make me really irritated at the main character, yet some redeeming aspect always makes me watch on regardless. I’ll admit I’ve softened up in the last couple of years though - there have been a few TV shows or movies that have made me get a little teary-eyed, yet not produced actual tears.

But now that I think about it, it’s not only sad animes that produce tears. Perhaps a heartwarming moment so touching that it produced tears, or a moment so funny it made you laugh until you cried……. nope, I still can’t think of anything.

I think for this question, I’ll reply with SKET DANCE. It’s easy for me to be dry-eyed when I’m watching things on my own, but if someone else watching the same episode at the same time is having a reaction to the scene (or I think they are), I can’t help but feel empathetic. Wrongly or otherwise.

For this reason, while they showed Switch’s backstory and his pain, I did need to blink hard a few times as I saw the same scene from someone else’s point of view for once. To me alone it was just interesting - sad but interesting in how it characterised him from thereon out and the changes between who he became after and who he was before. To someone else though, it could have a whole other meaning…