Day 39 of Anime

Day 39 - Worst anime you've seen

I feel like this is almost a repeat of what anime do you regret watching, but I guess they can be different. Like I said last time, if it was really that bad I probably would have stopped watching it in the first episode or very shortly after.

Just to confirm though, I went and watched a bit of Clannad again to see whether I really couldn’t stand it, and found myself understanding the main character more than I would have expected. Going back to a home that he doesn’t want to go to? Yeah, I can understand that. But their meeting under the trees still makes no sense to me. I like the character design of the series, the memes (dango dango dango dango~) and so on, but I’ve never been able to get past the first episode. Warrants another try?

So if not Clannad, what was the worst anime I’ve seen? Still a difficult question.

Actually, while thinking about this, there might actually be an anime that I regret watching. I kind of regret holding out for Walkure Romanze to become more than just a an ecchi anime. It started out alright, a girl, a horse, knights and training to become a knight - a setting that really sounds interesting. Then it just sort of descended into unclothing and nudity, which is a shame.

Another anime that I now remember the name of and regret watching even just the one episode of in the anime club is Excel Saga. I simply can’t stand the levels of pure, utter craziness that seep from the pores of each second.

It’s a hard battle between either of these series I would consider ‘worst’ then. They’re bad in different ways. I guess I’ll let you make the choice.