Day 38 of Anime

A sword is a weapon. The art of swordsmanship is learning how to kill. That is the truth. What Miss Kaoru says is sweet and innocent talk that only those whose hands have never been stained with the blood of men can believe. But, to tell you the truth, I much prefer Miss Kaoru’s sweet and innocent talk over the truth, indeed I do!

Day 38 - Favourite quote from an anime series

Honestly, as with various other topics on this list, I don’t know what to pick for this other than perhaps “Juudaime!”, but you can never really go with Rurouni Kenshin. This line was a thrill when reading it for the first time in the manga, was exciting when Kenshin appeared while saying that in the anime. And yet still entirely enjoyable when he appeared while saying that in the movie. It speaks of his ideals and subtly points at his past at the same time. No matter how it’s translated, you get the picture - despite knowing the truth of the world, he hopes for a better one.

But it’s not all ‘inspirational’ quotes, right? Some gold from Gokudera, of Katekyo Hitman Reborn:

I got run over a few times on my way here!

I also found an interesting quote from Grisaia no Kajitsu while trying to jog my memory though. Maybe this anime is worth another try:

There are only two times when a man can cry in public: when he loses his wallet and when his mother dies. And even if you cry in private, there's a severe restriction. Shed tears for others. The only thing you should be shedding for yourself is sweat. Remember that.