Day 37 of Anime

Day 37 - Favorite Vocaloid song

My favourite Vocaloid song used to be Just be Friends, which was the song that honestly got me into Vocaloids and opened the door to this strange and amazing new world. It was there for me at an interesting time of my life and provided some relief for me, though ultimately didn’t make the situation better. Oh well, it can’t save the world.

Nowadays, my favourite Vocaloid song is Cantarella. But while I like the Gakupo and Luka version (more my taste than Miku and Kaito), I still prefer the utattemita version with Dasoku accompanied by Luka which packs a real punch of emotion. Dasoku’s voice is really rich and full, which cannot be matched by a Vocaloid nomatter how much it tries. But Luka’s voice is perfect for the backing track. Dasoku is the real reason I love this song.

So if we take Cantarella out of the draw, I would have to go with Romeo and Cindarella above featuring Gakupo and Luka which I like the ‘pure’ Vocaloid version of, without having to delve into utattemita. To be honest, there are better arrangements of the song, but they’ve since become buried in the endless pit that is the internet.

I don’t even know how I came across this song now, but despite it originally being sung by Miku I much prefer it being sung by Luka who has a lower and more soothing voice somehow. I like Miku’s voice in certain situations, but generally her songs are rather high. I guess I just like her more ‘mature voice’ similar to how I liked Racing Miku’s mature face?

Some other songs that I came across before and liked though are such as Jinrou Kyoushikyoku (Luka and Gakupo), Rolling Girl (Miku), Black Rock Shooter (Miku, of course), Shinkai Shoujo (originally Miku, but I like this utattemita), and Double Lariat (Luka). And most things by Dasoku and Freedel, to be honest. Heh.