Day 35 of Anime

Gatchaman Crowds Hajime Ichinose

Day 35 - Anime character you feel you are most like (or wish you were)

This answer relates specifically to the ‘wish you were’ aspect of the question. To be honest I can’t really think of a character I feel I’m most like - perhaps if I had to pick one I would go ahead with Nagato Yuki, just because of reasons. I’ve tried her hair though, and it doesn’t work not to mention I couldn’t possibly beat her ability. Personally I prefer parts of her Yuutsu personality more than the Shoushitsu personality - no doubt she’s a cutie there though.

But one character I wish I were more like is actually Hajime Ichinose, from Gatchaman Crowds. Perhaps there are other characters I’d like to learn from too, but regardless definitely she is one.

I may not agree with all her decisions, but her inquisitiveness and ability to think outside the box brings people together and she captivates them with her optimism and playfulness. She’s not afraid to welcome or make change, even if it means completely obliterating ‘traditions’, or whatever you call them.

She likes cute things, and is cute to boot, not to mention with a great sense of fashion and attitude. Birds and scissors round up her cute image.


I haven’t seen the whole anime of course, or it’s second season so it’s hard to say if my opinion of her would change, but she’s a vibrant and confident girl who I’d like to be more like. Perhaps start with a cosplay?