Day 34 of Anime

Wild Tiger

Day 34 - Best anime vehicle (car/bike/boat/etc) [NO MECHA or ROBOTS]

This was the first suitable thing that comes to mind, particularly as it’s probably one of the few vehicles in anime I would really like to collect, for no real reason other than it’s really cool and suits Saber. There’s even a radically cool figure available of Saber riding her bike, despite not being a Rider. Contrary to the description of the figure, this still should have been while she was Servant to Emiya Kiritsugu in Fate/Zero.

On the other hand, does ‘Spacebattleship Yamato’ count as a vehicle given it’s not a mecha or a robot? Because it could just as easily have been an image of that up there as well. Rarely do spaceships emphasise the ship part of the term as much as this.

In terms of ‘most pitiful’ though, I’d nominate Kagome’s bike from Inuyasha after the many times it was mauled by various youkai or Inuyasha himself out of carelessness.