Day 31 of Anime

Day 31 - Favourite character song/character album*

This is the second in substituted questions, given this question was completely missing from the original list I found. It’s an unusual question, but there it is - favourite character song or character album. It’s pretty obvious to me when I must have come up with this question, but that’s for me to know…

It’s definitely a broad question, given one song or one album. I’ve looked at various character albums in the past for anime like Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Miracle Train or Kuroshitsuji and so on. Regardless I think the answer in this case has got to come from the series whose character songs I’m most familiar with, and without a doubt that has to be KHR. You devil, KHR.

Can it be a duet character song? I’ve always liked ONE NIGHT STAR, but that’s not to say I don’t like Sakura Addiction either. Individually, I also like End:Res and Akashi. Unrelated to those two, Kyouki no Hana and Be More were pretty darn nice too.

To be honest, any of those would have been okay. Ah screw it, biases will be biases. Hit it, Gokudera. Or YELL it out, I guess. It’s a shame that Ichinose Hidekaz never really did too many voice acting roles after Gokudera. He’s got a distinctive voice.

As an album, I guess I could go with album set RED - famiglia and BLUE - rivale haha. Cheating. But quite honestly I consider this final character song set to be the best songs that have come out of that series - the initial ones were unpolished, with a retro style. These are modern, professional yet soulful. Talk about a blast to the past.