Day 30 of Anime

Chitanda Eru and Hinata Hyuuga with hime-cut hairstyles

Day 30 - Anime character who has the MOST EPIC, BADASS, AWESOME HAIRSTYLE

Does it have to be one anime character, or can I just pick a hairstyle? Because let’s face it, a lot of hairstyles look the same in anime. Just add a different colour, match it with different eyes and tah-dah, you have a new character!

I’ll say for sure that my favourite anime hairstyle is probably the hime cut - easy to draw and yet oh so elegant, framing the face in a way that just doesn’t work for me in real life. I’ve liked this hairstyle ever since I tried to imitate Kikyo from Inuyasha’s hairstyle when I was in high school, but those loop-de-loops just never quite seem to work out.

I liked Motoko Aoyama from Love Hina for her hime hairstyle as well, and of course Ken Akamatsu didnt hesitate to fill his next manga with the hime cut - I particularly liked Sakurazaki Setsuna’s hairstyle in Negima!.

I don’t know - my current favourite hime cut girl is Hinata Hyuuga, but the original would be Kikyou. Inuyasha, you need to stop cropping up in my posts everywhere.