Day 3 of Anime

Day 3 and heel and toe and on we go! Hoo boy, this was always going to be a difficult question.

Day 3 - Your anime crush

Generally, I don’t like the idea of anime crushes, or waifus and hasubandos. You just need to look at past posts on this blog, or what I’ve said on social media to know that.

I don’t really like the concept of waifus/hasubandos so I don’t have any haha.
If you just ask about favourite characters without calling them waifu/hasubandos I still can’t answer you HAHA I don’t want to play favs.

In general I tend to like character pairings. Some people might say something like ‘Kenshin is my hasubando’ (or even waifu, cos a girl likes a manly waifu). But usually rather than liking Kenshin by himself, I like Kenshin and Kaoru together and their dynamic. I couldn’t possibly see either of them with anyone else and he couldn’t possibly act the same with anyone else either, despite how nice as he is to everyone. In this way, they seem off-limits and not ‘crush’-able.

But what about the characters that aren’t paired up - are they free game?

I guess before we continue, it’s important to hash out this ‘crush’ idea before you get the wrong idea, because you can ‘crush’ on someone even if they’re in a relationship already - I just choose not to because no point dreaming…

To me a crush means you like someone romantically. Is it romantically as opposed to sexually though, or is one involved in the other? I guess sometimes it’s both, but when we use terms like ‘waifu’ or ‘hasubando’ I hear most say this must be non-sexual. So overall, we mean someone that you feel emotionally close to, and intimate with.

Gokudera and Okita

I think if I had to pick someone off-hand, it would be TYL!Gokudera Hayato from Katekyo Hitman Reborn. Through roleplay and reading fanfiction, I’ve come to feel like I can understand him, his desires, his passions and his pains intimately. But ultimately, at the same time he would be someone I wouldn’t want a relationship with though, because I do know him that well - he would be difficult to get on with unless he knew you that well too (or you were his Juudaime).

Now, Otoge (otome games) are in a league of their own when it comes to this and anime characters from Otoge adaptations are still anime characters, right? Right?? So to conclude this question, I would have to finally settle with Okita Souji from Hakuouki, the first character path I ever obtained in the game - or any otoge, really sincer eroge is so pervasive, but otoge isn’t.

I suppose it’s because in-game I’ve been given a chance to get to know him and because he and the fictional ‘me’ in-game have had this ‘bond’ that despite playing other routes like Saitou’s and part of Hijikata’s I still feel closest with Okita. Thank heavens it’s not a sexual game though…

Naturally, the Hakuouki anime focuses primarily on Hijikata’s route which makes the experience with Okita somewhat different, but everytime I see him I still feel the old fangirl bubbling up slightly from the retirement home, where she’d been laid to rest. Or should that be a graveyard?