Day 3 in the UTS problems saga

All dark at UTS

Less than two hours ago when I left my evening class, wondering if there would be class on tomorrow, my geemail inbox gleefully received an email from my lecturer/tutor (one and the same) who was notifying us that class was cancelled for tomorrow. I'd totally forgotten that I had Wednesday classes in CM05D...

So I got my wish in a roundabout way. Now I can dance around and say that I had a class cancelled.... I'm a strange one, I know. Despite still needing to do the work for the week anyway, nice thing is that now I'm free to crash a class if I want to...

Earlier in the day....

As some of you will be aware, we suffered serious and widespread disruptions again last night. The power outage resulted in the evacuation of Yura Mudang (for a third consecutive night) as well as the loss of almost all IT systems - including the broadcast email system - making it impossible for the UTS Emergency Team to send a broadcast message to all students. Unfortunately, Ausgrid's power problems have the potential to persist for the next few days.

Ruben's more detailed post here.

In other news, and interestingly, this email was sent to a different mailing list than the other two were sent to.


Image from UTS BUiLD Student Society.