Day 29 of Anime

Gakuran in Sakamichi no Apollon and Hyouka

Day 29 - Favorite school uniform

Don’t me wrong, I love seifuku as much as anyone else and usually I’ve hacked these questions enough that I can pick two things, but given that I dont have much time to fill out each of these things, I can’t afford to be so generous this time around. There are so many renditions of school uniforms in anime these days, each is so alluring in different ways. Hard to say if there was really any uniform that I don’t like.

But it’s hard to get past a good ol’ classical gakuran and I ain’t gonna. So my favourite school uniform is the gakuran, and there’s about a million different versions of it out there each with very slight modifications here and there, but I’m going to be generic for generic’s sake and just say… gakuran!

That’s not to say a chouran doesn’t have a lot going for it either. I quite like yankis/yankees (not the American kind), and for some it’s their uniform of choice. In the end it’s just a really long gakuran though. The dorm leaders wearing it in Hana Kimi (the manga) looked very dashing in them. Someone’s going to tell me I’ve defined the term wrong, but oh well….