Day 28 of Anime

Screencap from Rurouni Kenshin/Samurai X: Reflection

Day 28 - What anime do you regret watching

Honestly at the moment I can’t think of anything, if there was any anime which I didn’t like within the first 10 minutes of watching it, I stopped watching it (Clannad). Some anime took me slightly longer to stop watching (Air). But in the end I stopped, and ultimately I feel pretty much indifferent about them.

Those that I managed to weather out, although a lot of the time I might have been irritated with characters or what happened in the story, largely I felt alright about finishing it and it wasn’t a terrible experience. I might have even walked away from it feeling like it was worth it, because in the end it was a great story (Toradora).

So what anime do I regret watching? In desperation, I looked at some ‘worst anime’ lists to see if anything popped out. Nothing did. Perhaps whatever I watched was so bad I so hastily forgot about it, there’s no need to regret watching it because I can’t recall it. Without anything coming to mind, I’m going to default to an animated movie again. This will be the second movie mention! It really needs to be the last.

Rurouni Kenshin/Samurai X: Reflection. I didn’t like the animation and I didn’t like how they fucked with the storyline and basically made a hash of everything, and the overdramaticism. I feel like they trashed the characters’ personalities. I only kept watching it because it was Kenshin and I love the character and the series. I guess that’s the key. Now to forget that it exists.. damn I reminded myself again.


I’ve since revised my opinion and think it might be Walkure Romanze.