Day 24 of Anime

Day 24 - Favourite AMV

It has to be this one, right? It’s The Best AMV, after all. I’ve really liked it since I first saw it at Anime@UTS (and EGG?) Trivia Night where we had to try and name as many of the animes we could identify as possible. I kind of like how it mixes real world/anime world. With all the tie-ins from the original MV for the song, it almost feels like it could be an official video for this song, to be honest.

But otherwise, there was probably another AMV I really liked from my days where I considering making AMVs of my own and sought out AMVs based on favourite series. The question is whether any of them are still online. I remember one was a Kuroshitsuji AMV with Velonica (by Aqua Timez, Bleach OP) as the song. This AMV was the reason I love the song so much, though can I find the AMV anywhere? Nope.

Oh, but of course there was a Rurouni Kenshin AMV using Kryptonite by Three Doors Down. Wow, a 2006 video. I mainly looked for these given I couldn’t afford to buy the Kenshin anime but wanted to watch it badly.

I also quite liked the AMVs I made, though of course others probably begged to differ. Nonetheless, I had to work with what I had and I was satisfied with the result. One day I’ll find those terrible AMVs. I did mine to She Will Be Loved (Maroon 5, for Inuyasha), What You Do About Me (M2M, for Fruits Basket), Fukai Mori (Do As Infinity, for Fullmetal Alchemist)… and I’m sure there was something else. It’s been a long time… and a long time since my AMVs were removed from YouTube.