Day 22 of Anime

Miranda Lotto from D.Gray-man

Day 22 - Favorite anime hero or heroine

I think the answer to this should be clear enough - who other but Kenshin, even though I didn’t watch that much of the anime and never really got to see him at his full glory there. The anime in many ways kept his integrity - he tries to help out people he comes across however he can even if the situation never existed before in the manga. But the one gripe I have with it would be that they made Kaoru somewhat weak as she hides behind Kenshin - sure made for a cool scene for Kenshin though, I guess.

Otherwise, aside from Kenshin I would be tempted to go with someone like Edward Elric or Allen Walker - these two sometimes seem to both encompass good and evil, but are definitely heros that should be admired for their resolve, growth and skill. Edward of course has some ‘roots’ in evil because of what they did while they were kids, and his work as a State Alchemist that means he sometimes has to do some unpalatable things. Allen of course also has some these ‘roots’ through his ‘father’ Mana Walker and cursed eye. Both of them strive to do what they think is right though, even if people are against it.

Now, I wonder if I have a favourite heroine? From all the mentioned titles there are some strong girls. I don’t necessarily like how Kaoru was represented in Rurouni Kenshin but she is someone that is stronger than the norm - it’s freaks like Kenshin that are stupidly strong! Then Winry Rockbell in Fullmetal Alchemist is someone that knows her own mind, is smart and hardworking and ‘saves the day’ really by designing and helping to build and install the automail that Edward uses. In D.Gray-man there’s Lenalee Lee, whose unique Innocence and strong willpower makes her stand out though she has some weak moments.

Miranda Lotto is also someone that stands out - able to stay up days on end to sustain her Innocence powers, she always does the best that she can after Allen and Lenalee risked their lives to save her and she witnessed their resolve and treasures their friendship. She also mastered her Innocence in quite a short period of of time it seems, because she makes a comeback soon after.

I’d forgotten and I still like Kenshin and Koaru, but Edward and Winry would have been a good couple to consider for the favourite couples day - oh well! Favourite anything is as hard a decision as ever.