Day 21 of Anime

Pokemon Jolteon

Day 21 - Favorite Pokémon

This is actually not too difficult a day for a change since I decided a long time ago when I was much younger (specifically when my brother was still in primary school) that my favourite Pokémon was Jolteon.

I don’t exactly understand why, but I suppose it looked cute to me since I like hound-like creatures, and it’s one of the cooler Eeveelutions. My first memory of seeing Jolteon is some episode where it is protecting a caravan - from some Magnetites or Magnetons? But I can’t find a good clip of that anywhere.

I also like Umbreon, Espeon and the new Sylveon. But I’m fairly blasé about Leafeon, Glaceon, Flareon and Vaporeon. When I used to come with my mum to pick up my brother from preschool, one time the preschool owner offered me a Jolteon sticker after giving my brother one at the end of the day. I loved (and love) stickers so I was overjoyed to be offered it and treasured it; keeping it for many, many years. However I’m not entirely sure where it’s gone at the moment.

I wonder if I liked the sticker because it was the best choice from the selection of Pokemon stickers or whether I actually really liked it. Either way, whatever the case Jolteon remains my favourite to this day.

As a matter of interest: another Pokémon I also really like is Lucario (who looks Anubis-like), and one of my favourite Pokémon from playing the DS games was Mightyena (and of course the smaller Poochyena). Additionally I really liked Vulpix and Ninetails, Skitty and Delcatty, Lillipup and Herdier. In another direction I also liked Ponyta and Rapidash and Swablu. Ah, there are so many I like.. but so many regions still to learn about and explore.