Day 18 of Anime

Gif made of short scene from Cuticle Tantei Inaba

Day 18 - Favorite shounen anime

Bluh, these ‘favourite’ questions are getting to me. Let’s take the assistance of a list of anime again. I figure MyAnimeList must be more reputable than this ‘anime-planet’? But that’s for you guys to decide. If I had a consolidated library of anime it would probably be easier to figure out what my favourites are - I’m working on it!

So when I hear ‘shounen’, usually I think action. But wait - an anime like Bakuman is also shounen. It was serialised in Shounen Jump after all. And an anime about cooking, like Shokugeki no Souma (Food Wars) is also shounen. And I’ve just found out that Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun is ALSO a shounen - what in the world?! I guess I need to revise my mental definition of shounen slightly.

Of course, the selection of shounen is as vast as ever though. Maybe I’ll have to split this into a few categories again. Let’s avoid some of the ones I’ve picked before though. ;) As much as I like them they get a bit old. I only got to K on the list - it’s very long, so I’ll avoid sticking a list in this time. I’ll be comfortable with this selection - as comfortable as I can be!

Action Shounen

I think I might go with Black Blood Brothers for this. I rewatched this show many times over some cold winter days wrapped around a warm winter with soft light filtering in, and it’s possibly this reason that makes me like it a lot more than anything else in the series. It’s nostalgic and reminds me of a happy time. There’s a handsome vampire who can’t handle sunlight, and a ‘compromiser’ who is determined to do her best and help out.

I also really liked D.Gray-man and Fullmetal Alchemist, but there are moments of D.Gray-man that were pretty frustrating. Of course Fullmetal Alchemist is the much disliked adaption that some people would prefer not to exist (I liked it!). Really great shows, but something was compelling about Black Blood Brothers somehow. That’s not to say there weren’t parts of BBB that were frustrating too, but overall it was a good run… can’t explain as usual.

Daily Life Shounen

Bakuman. Though Daily Lives of High School Boys straddles this category and the one below and was amazing, I think Bakuman had more impact. Bakuman was just very interesting in terms of the knowledge of the manga industry it depicted, and was more intense (really emphasising the ‘tense’ part here whenever they submitted their manuscript), and involved a lot more drama (Mashiro getting sick etc). Can’t get past some good ol’ drama.

Don’t even know what I’m talking about anymore.

Anyway, it had elements of all kinds of genres in it so was really well rounded.

Comedy Shounen

Again, the series mentioned above takes a diving leap into this category and for the most part is an amazing comedy series. Ye gods. But I think I will go with Cuticle Tantei Inaba, because this was just an inexplicable series. Also Inaba is quite cute and the dog imagery is cool interesting surely there must be a better way to describe it.

Just check out some gifs from here I suppose? The anime frequently descended into chibi format, but at times had wonderful animation.

The goat was also a work of art.

That’s all I can come up with in my sleep deprived state!