Day 16 of Anime

Day 16 - Favorite anime ending theme song

Alright, I just have to accept that I’m not good at this. I simply can’t think back through the series that I’ve watched to think of my absolute favourites. So far I’ve been referring to my go-to and most preferred series which I pull up time and again. But then Vadim will mention an amazing series and I wonder if I’ve made the right choice.

Oh well, I’ve made my bed. I guess I’ll go with Kesenai Tsumi from the original Fullmetal Alchemist anime that most people don’t like. I actually rather liked it, it’s fine if you accept that it’s different from the manga because the mangaka asked for it to be, and for the hardcore fans, there’s Brotherhood. Don’t diss the original series, guys! Though I should catch up with the more recent one.

That being said, the ED from that is great too.

I’m not entirely sure why I’m picking Kesenai Tsumi for this post, but it’s the one that seizes me the most out of all the ones I wanted to pick from. For some reason the image of Edward and Alphonse sitting amongst the rubble with that green backdrop always appealed to me massively.. strange reason to like an ED.

I would probably have been happy to go with Fantasy from UN-GO too, but ugh. Choices. I definitely need to have UN-GO on this 100 Days of Anime list somewhere. Shinkirou from Black Blood Brothers also narrowly almost became a video embed. That’s now at least four links for a ‘favourite’ post..

I suppose this also deserves a special mention.