Day 15 of Anime

ToHeart2 characters in swimsuits

Day 15 - Mandatory swimsuit post

For this one I went with Ilfa, Silfa and Milfa - robotic maids from ToHeart2. I have a figure of Ilfa and I adore her because she was so cheap, but sculpted so well and very true to her design from… official sources. Honestly though I haven’t watched much of ToHeart or any of it’s other series or OVAs, if any at all.

I think Ilfa is definitely my favourite of the ‘sisters’ and has short spunky hair at the back, despite the long pieces of hair hanging at the front. Silfa is my next favourite with her extra long braid and I would collect her to be with her sister if I could find her at a reasonable price. Milfa looks fairly generic to me though, unfortunately.

This was hard to pass up posting though, so I thought I might as well post it in addition.

Haruhi characters in swimsuits

Of course sukumizus (one piece swimsuits/school swimsuits) are the best. But the debate is - new style or old style? The two-piece old style sukumizu looks more convenient in my opinion, but I get the feeling people are rooting more for the one piece.

I suppose we shouldn’t forget the other side of the coin either. Were there even any other characters in an anime that appeared in swimwear..? I suppose there must be if there’s a mandatory beach or pool episode. Like this I guess.

Tachibana Makoto from Free! in his swimwear

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