Day 14 of Anime

Day 14 - Anime you've rewatched the most

This has to go to Inuyasha, just purely from how long I’ve had it and the number of rewatches of certain episodes. But I’ve never actually completely finished the series, so I don’t know how much this anime really qualifies. I’ve always watched the episodes with Human!Inuyasha repeatedly, as well as any significant situations with Kagome or Naraku - such feels I’ve not felt for a while.

On a side note, the English dub is truly embarrassing.

Other than that, it would probably be Kaze no Stigma, which I often rewatched almost the entire series time and again. I rewatched it often both because I liked the character of Kazuma, his strange relationship with this family and Ayano, his darkness, the strength that he himself obtained rather than inherited from his family, as well as Ono Daisuke - his voice actor.

This anime got me back into watching anime instead of manga reading, and also set me along the path of looking for titles that featured OnoD.