Day 12 of Anime

Kallen with Guren from Code Geass

Day 12 - Favorite mecha series

This is actually quite an easy question for me to answer for once. To be honest I haven’t watched a great deal of mecha anime, though I know about a lot of various things from mecha anime. Neon Genesis Evangelion wasn’t as big a thing to me as it was to everyone else, but what it symbolically represents and pioneered I can admire. Guilty Crown overall was pretty good but it wasn’t as much about the mecha as it was about pulling weapons from people’s chests I thought. I barely ever saw the mecha scenes of Macross Frontier, it was always just Sheryl Nome or Ranka.

My favourite mecha series is Code Geass. This was probably really my first mecha anime despite seeing stuff here and there about Gundam before and never actually watching any of it. Code Geass was quite interesting to see how the systems were depicted and how they worked, and so on. Probably standard stuff to experienced mecha fans.

For some reason, Code Geass has always been a go-to anime for whenever I felt kind of crap. It’s as though their misfortunes allow me to feel better about whatever is happening in my own life - Well, I guess life’s not so bad. It’s not like THAT has happened to me. Or maybe because it’s such a bad situation I feel like the anime almost sympathises with me in the sense that we’re both going through bad situations, though relatively speaking mine is probably more minor.

Then again I’ve forgotten - there was also Gurren Lagann and that was an anime and mecha anime unlike any other, really pushing the boundaries and driving in the spiral imagery. See what I did there? But it was such a ridiculous anime it was hard to feel negative while watching it, there was way too much energy steeping out of every scene. It was fun, but it was also hard to finish watching.

My decision is definitely not based on the quality of the mecha in the anime, but on various aspects like the storyline and storytelling. Ooh it’s close, but I’ll stick with Code Geass on this. Gurren Lagann comes a close second. Code Geass even has a mecha called Guren, hmm.