Dating sim for the Jurassic of Heart

As my friend, @floorcake tweeted a few days ago, recently a Jurassic-themed dating sim (not exactly Jurassic Park, but definitely Jurassic♥Heart) was released as an entry for "♥♡♥ THE PULSE POUNDING HEART STOPPING DATING SIM JAM ♥♡♥".

While there are quite a few potentially interesting sounding dating sims among the entries there, this particular game certainly captures the unique factor. Other ones that look interesting include do androids dream the body electric and Notice Me, Senpai! (for those with that kind of fetish... haha).

I'm tempted to liken it to the pigeon dating sim, Hatoful Boyfriend, in terms of the idea behind using animals and treating them like people yet still at the same time treating them as animals (whoa, did that make any sense?), but one noticeable different here is certainly the fact that it is much more accessible. That is you can play it in a browser, I suppose. They have to make money somehow though~

As an added bonus, I'd never heard of Tyrano Script before, but it sounds like an interesting language(?) to learn for making VMs that will not only work on any kind of system, but also generate a Flash or HTML5 version of the game also.

I'd been meaning to look into RenPy at some point (which competitively supports many platforms also), but perhaps Tyrano Script is the way to go - provided I can work out all that Japanese. Maybe there'll be English resources somewhere!

Art by Piti Yindee.