Precious Lifeforms

I watched Star Trek Generations today, and it was as good as anything else I’ve ever watched yet it didn’t quite feel enough - like the ending had been cut off somewhere and was still waiting to be aired. The end leaves you unfulfilled and wanting, yet overall the movie was a sound piece of work that tore at your heartstrings and brought up interesting questions about time/space travel.

At this point, I feel as though I need to rewatch the movie as I’m sure there was something I missed at the start that would later on pop up - something you dismissed when you watched it the first time. For some movies it’s easy to read ‘too much into it’, like an awful text for English class. But for some, you can see this effort is justified because of the effort people put in to weave the story all the way through. Is this one of those movies - only a rewatching can tell.

My favourite moments of the movie were the crew on the all dressed up in 19th Century attire aboard the RMS(?) Enterprise a-sail on the seven seas, rather than the seas of the sky - whatever those are. Data’s antics were cringeworthy yet also hilarious with his newly installed emotion chip (like the above video). It still puzzles me that in the future people would choose to begin wearing old Victorian style clothing which was a novelty to see in a science-fiction television show (movie), but I suppose this is no stranger than wearing vintage clothes these days if we prefer that style or whatever it implies (i.e. simpler times).

There were also moments of heartbreak though, as you see a softer side of Picard - have you ever seen him smile like that? Has your heart ever broken more for what he has regained and will lose again? While everything was good up until this point, it feels like this is where the movie starts descending into sketchy territory and unfortunately is where I feel this movie meets its failing in its abrupt and unbelievable ending.

Although I never liked James T Kirk as much as the other characters, he still left a mark and I don’t know if I’m sorry that this was how he departed. Still, the world is - it seems - richer for his service.