Cursed Resurrection?

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Spoiler Warning for following texts: Vampire Academy (novel series), Hands Off! (manga), Harry Potter (novel series)

Resurrection is hardly new in fiction, there are many cases of it, in one way or another, but it begs the question, is it more of a curse than a gift? Here’s a few examples we can draw upon:

Rose Hathaway from Vampire Academy was ‘resurrected’, or, as the term goes, ‘brought back to life’ by best friend and Moroi vampire Vasalisa Dragomir after her a fatal car accident where Vasalisa’s whole family died. So why resurrect Rose and no one else? Who knows, but that hardly matters in this context. Rose’s being brought back to life is more of a curse than a gift, as Rose is now ‘Shadow-Kissed’. Sure, there are upsides to this, such as a ‘bond’ with Lissa which lets her know if her friend is in trouble, but Rose is also dragged out of her own mind whenever Lissa is feeling stong emotion, leading to a lack of individuality of sorts. Rose also leeches all of Lissa’s bad feelings away, which means her taking of Lissa’s depression, which makes Rose herself moody and angry all the time. In being resurrected, Rose’s life may be able to continue, but it’ll never be the same.

Another example is from Hands Off! where Tatsuki Oohira (Oohira Tatsuki in Japanese) was resurrected by his cousin Kotarou, after an incident where Kotarou was drowning and Tatsuki went to rescue him, drowning in the process. Kotarou brought Tatsuki back to life with his ‘power’ which is ESP of sorts, but the act made Tatsuki take in some of Kotarou’s powers. Tatsuki inherited the ability of post-cognition and this means he only has to go to a place where something which inspired strong negative emotion happened to see it. This makes Tatsuki moody and quite withdrawn as no one would believe him when he mentioned he saw people being strangled or violence from the past. Not to mention seeing these events happening is also traumatising and he often feels his mind being invaded and unable to cope with the violence, but hiding it under a cold facade. All of this also means that Tatsuki, once quite tight with Kotarou, barely acknowledges his prescence, as he’s scared of his power. Sure, this power means he also knows if Kotarou’s in trouble and often acts as ‘Detective Tatsuki’, solving all sorts of petty crime, but his power is still a ‘curse’ as he calls it himself and he suffers because of it.

So is resurrection a bad or good thing? Surely there are positive examples in Popular Fiction, or any other genre. There’s Harry Potter for one, where Harry Potter, is, of course, resurrected by the so-called Resurrection Stone, but there’s also incomplete resurrection, like Dumbledore’s sister, so once again there is a negative aspect of it.

So, once again, is resurrection bad or good? It seems like it edges more towards to negative aspects, but I’ll leave it to you to decide.