[CSS] Removing outlines from input boxes

input box focus outline is blue in the first and there is none in the second

I don't know if this works in every case, but it's worked in 2 out of 2 instances, which is a fairly good record so far! Vadim was looking to do this yesterday, and I've also tested this on Kirinyan, though I personally don't mind the highlighting so I left it as-is. What am I walking about?

If you're looking to remove the blue highlighting from an input box when you 'focus' on it for whatever reason, the below CSS should do the trick:

input[type=text] {

Of course, having said that, this means that using this you now can also then define however you want this feedback to look on 'focus' (using input[type=text]:focus) instead. You can check out an example via this snippet. :)

Disclaimer: May not work in all browsers.