Creatures of Want

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So this relates back to the previous post about the teacher. He also said we are creatures of want. Well, this is true, not to mention if we always had everything we wanted, life would be rather dull (but hey, we can all dream, right?), but should it be true that we should be happy with what we have?

Is it like accepting the quota you're given. Don't take me wrong - I dont mean you shouldn't fight for anything you want, but saying you're happy with what you have is a little like giving up - depending on the way you look at it. If you're not happy with what you have, you'll keep trying and reach for what you do want, isn't that true?

So even the person who has everything, they would have something they want, for sure. Maybe the person is rich, has a great husband, has great figure, the latest in fashion, so on, but maybe all they really want is, for instance, privacy, something that cannot be bought.

So is having everything the best life? It sounds great. I wouldn't mind it either, but I guess it also has it ups and downs.

So when this teacher talked about us being creatures of want, I decided to reflect on myself. I want to be good at writing, yes, I want to be good at drawing, alright, I want to be better at school (however impossible it seems, sigh), I want to publish a book, I want to work in IT, I want to ... you get the image. There are so many things I want, maybe sometimes it is better to sit back and go, 'yeah, you know what? I am pretty good at this already, and I like the way I am, so I'm going to accept myself'. It cuts down on a lot of stress, to be sure, and sure as heck would dampen down feelings of say... annoyance? Jealousy? We'll always be jealous of those who have what we want and dont have ourselves - oh yes indeed. Life seems so bitterly unfair sometimes, doesn't it, when you see those who seem to have it all, whether it be people like Paris, rich, nice figure, I guess - I personally dont think much of her fashions style. Or it be people like ... well, I dont have a name, but those people who are both extremely smart and pretty.

Oh yes, I'm hooked up on looks. I may sound bold here, but I'm pretty shy in real life, not to mention I dont have that great self esteem. But hey, the internet brings out who you want to be sometimes, doesnt it.

So we are creatures of want. Sometimes it's better to take what we're given and be grateful because 'our lives could be better ... but it could also be worse'. Even so, it doesnt mean we have to stop. We can continue to want, but also appreciate what we have.

Because we'll always be trying to reach for that one thing we want. Nomatter how many wants we fulfill...