It was a pleasure to listen to the latest Back To Work today, amidst a co-incidental discussion with my lovely co-worker, Jane, earlier today about creativity and what it really is.

While I was fumbling with trying to find the right way to describe how I viewed creativity, which I’ve mentioned various times on this blog before, Jane summed it up very nicely as she stated that creativity was basically anything that involved problem solving, and I agree with her wholeheartedly.

To quote from the Back to Work episode description, creativity appears where you don’t expect it. For some, creativity exclusively relates to anything that seems to have to do with art — such as the act of drawing, painting, and other such ventures which at the end produce a ‘work of art’. Photography as well is considered, perhaps.

However I have long said that I consider development to also be creative. What is more creative than someone bending their mind to use otherwise abstract principles and mere words into something that can produce this blog, or run our enterprise systems or blossom into something as far reaching as the internet? I’ve long admired the creativity that is development, despite the fact that I am personally so awful at it.

Some people say that their technical skills do not involve creativity, but I would disagree. As with some other hypothesis that I have, it feels good now and then to receive a sense of validation, knowing that there are people out there that agree with my point of view, whereas in the past I often felt that perhaps my views were just wrong in the fact of such certainty others have they are correct. But no, creativity doesn’t have to pertain only to art — anything that involves the art of solving a problem is creativity, even if you don’t feel you are being creative.

Something for each of us to remember, me included.