Cosplay Inspiration

I didn’t realise that this weekend was Oz Comic Con in Brisbane, but it’s not unusual for me to be out of the loop these days especially as I no longer work in Marketing for SMASH! (that’s an excuse).

Of course, given it’s Oz Comic Con there’s plenty of cosplay and geek culture in full force, which often gets reported on. Here’s one point I plucked from the article as I considered my motivations and hers:

"Whenever I find a connection to a character or if I can visualise myself as that character, I'll be inspired to cosplay the character," [Yaya Han] said.

Our motivations for cosplaying characters are very different which is… interesting, but not unusual. Generally I pick a character to cosplay because I like them, or I really like their outfit. But many characters I have a connection with, I couldn’t see myself cosplaying in a million years (like Gokudera or Okita), because their look I just can’t don’t think I can manage. Same as how I cosplay characters I don’t necessarily have a connection to as well - it’s about the look.

I guess that’s the major difference for me - I cosplay for the look, not the personality. Though it’s not that I don’t take note of that, it’s just that it’s not a factor in my decision making.

Lots of people spend a great deal of time schooling their facial expressions and learning new skills in order to represent a character as best as they can, but for me cosplay is just about having fun and enjoying being part of a group of people. I have great admiration for such dedication, but why worry about the fact that a character is 165cm when you are only 155cm, or that they have a surly expression on their face when you have a happy disposition you have trouble hiding? Why spend the whole day stressing out about being someone else?

Well, each to their own of course. But where’s the coverage of SMASH! on the news like we deserve huh?