Tears in my eyes: Copenhagen

While browsing through the news today, on a whim I decided to read the article about Princess Mary making a visit to Ethiopia where they discussed female genital mutilation and child marriage.

Although it was an interesting read, aside from that - it was here that I discovered that there was a shooting spree in Copenhagen on the weekend that left multiple people dead. In the wake of post-Valentines haze I’d missed it.

Like Australia before them in the wake of such tragedies, the people of Copenhagen have bonded together, bringing flowers to mourn and gathering strength from each other. It’s fascinating, in some ways, that despite our cultural differences we still bond together so similarly to support each other through hard times.

Despite terrorism’s attempts to “crush our freedom of expression” and “belief in liberty”, together, we stand strong. But we should also remember: #illridewithyou.

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