Cooking with Nyan - Hard Toffee Part 2


After watching Alton Brown's Good Food fudge episode over the weekend with Ruben, I decided to try making toffee again with some of the tips he gave during the episode. I mentioned in my last post about toffee that I stirred it, and while that seemed to work better the first time I made it (on the surface), it really wasn't the way to go. Oops!

More lessons learnt


So Mr Alton Brown mentioned that stirring causes seed crystals to form, which was what happened last time I made it, so this time I just slammed on the lid for 3-4 minutes and let the condensation wash the edges of any seed crystals that want to form, before staring at it again like a hawk, waiting for it to brown to just the right amount.

It works when I use 250 grams of caster sugar, but if you use any less, maybe 3-4 minutes is too long, since I almost burnt the second batch I made where I just used 125 grams.

Just for fun


Just for fun and because toffee apples are too big (though I did make some with cut apple!), I made some interesting toffee blueberries.. they taste quite fresh which is at once strange, since it's not exactly what you're expecting.

I spent so long spooning out toffee that it was difficult to put the sprinkles on though, since the toffee was setting already. But it'll still work if the toffee is still soft as long as you press them in slightly it seems. :)