Conversations with Patience

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So I have this friend who calls himself @LordPatience. Nice guy, very knowledgeable, punny with a sometimes tongue-in-cheek humour (wait, sometimes?), inquisitive, but for the life of him, he won't shut up.

Mr. Patience is one of those individuals who would fill silence with chatter of any description. And he does. He does it well. He is an entire one man show.

But these are not criticisms.

Not really, anyway.

I was going to write about a few of the things we discussed today on our walk to the station, but blessed with short-term memory and a short time-limit, my agenda's changed somewhat from what I had intended to write. Still, that's ok. (I remember a few things that would take too long to figure out how to write in a way that would be understood by humans.)

I first met him at IT Camp, as I remember, both first years and on this Orientation Camp for all the new IT students. There I hung out with some members of my BIT (Bachelor of IT) course, and got to meet people from BScIT (Bachelor of Science in IT) whether they were doing that course by itself, or combined with another degree. Some of them I follow now on Twitter and see in the Anime Club from time to time, or just casually between classes.

I don't remember what we talked about then either, but he left an impression on me, even though our timetables never coincided from then on, until now. Widely knowledgeable, I'm sure he had to put up with my anime chatter as usual and had something to contribute to it too.

I do however vividly remember the somewhat odd, somewhat epic Harry Potter fanfiction he showed the members of my group and I as we waited for our meeting one day a couple of months ago. Search up Lord Patience on, I dare you, and take a look at his fine works. It is at once a bizarre narrative and at the same time, strangely compelling...

He's an interesting guy to listen to. If you ever have the  opportunity to come across him, just sit and listen to him, I'm sure you will be enlightened about more topics than you ever cared to find out about. Just check out his Twitter for starters.