Conversations between Master students


The dynamics are extremely different Bachelors students and postgraduate students. After having missed my train today just after class, yet also having bumped into a fellow student on the station platform, the conversation began to ensue as follows:

A: Is this your first semester?
B: Nah, it's my second year, first semester.
A: Oh, so you're almost done then.
B: I'm one doing part time right now, so I'm probably going to stretch it out. I'm not looking forward to the Design Project though.
A: Ahh...
B: Are you doing that next semester?
A: Eh, I'm just doing the Graduate Diploma. Are you just doing this subject this semester?
B: I'm actually doing one other one as well.
A: Oh really? What is it?
B: Haha it's kind of out of left field, I'm doing __________.
A: Ahh *nods*
B: Are you doing any other subjects this semester?
A: No, just this one. I barely have time to do THIS subject!
B: *tired laugh, sighs*

Given that Masters students can take their subjects in a different order if they wish and the different degrees that are available, from Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and the Master itself, often these questions are asked to try and place the person in context, especially if you hadn’t seen them in almost all of your other classes. This wasn’t a question that I had seen asked that often in my Bachelors degree.

Most interestingly though, each time I converse with another Masters student, there will be some question of ‘how many subjects are you taking this semester’. For most, the answer is usually just one, unless they are an international student and required to take full load.

Sometimes I long for the Bachelors’ life.