Considering mixed breeds: Golden Retriever/Husky


I would probably never get a dog because I shirk the responsibility and the dedication required, as well as being a bit OCD about some matters of hygiene, but there are several dog breeds that I would be seriously considering if I ever decided to take such a plunge, likely or not.

I've always liked German Shepherds and Huskies, as well as Border Collies but you can probably tell that these are rather large dogs, nowhere near the Toy Group breeds of dogs such as the ones Ruben has which you would think would be easier to take care of, hmmm. But the main thing among these dogs, other than the Golden Retriever, is that I really like pointed ears, not the floppy ones. I guess I like that wolf-like quality. Yet the lovely golden coat of the Golden Retriever is tempting. :3

I thought I liked fluffy dog breeds, but from this list, the only one which really catches my fancy is the Samoyed, which incidentally my friend, Cindy, said would be the breed of dog I would be if I were a dog. Or maybe the Japanese Spitz — they have a cute teddy bear-like quality. I thought the Shiba Inu might fit into this category but I don't see it anywhere — nonetheless, I am rather partial to them.

Golden Retriever Husky Mix

Have I forgotten any? I don't know, but yesterday as I sat with Ruben at Danes Gourmet Coffee, I was considering mixed breeds and this little beauty caught my eye (above). A golden retriever and husky mix, she seems to capture the best of both worlds and I love the description of her being like a 'toasted marshmallow'. A dog like her is definitely my favourite and preferred at the moment — shame that Nintendogs and the like don't often offer mixed breeds!

That being said, a Golden Retriever and German Shepherd mix is certainly quite intriguing also.

Images from DogWallpapers and DailyPuppy.