Congratulations are in order, to @uberlutzer!

In my half asleep state as I posted my entry yesterday, I didn't finish my post properly before I published it and promptly fell asleep in front of the computer! Well, here's the second half of that post.

Robbie and I in wizard robes

Congratulations also to Robbie who graduated with me yesterday! Looked very dapper in that outfit I must say. I think the black shirt was a good idea. Plus, hat throwing was fun with you, despite the chaos that ensued! Not sure what you're meant to call those anymore, whoops.

Of course, a congratulations to the other 27 BITs I have spent my last three years with, as well as Raymond and some other guys I've met during my time at UTS. But nonetheless, too many to congratulate here~

And back to my uni homework. ;D