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Tuesday = Introduction to Information Systems

Agenda: - Teamwork

Todays IIS was so-so, teaching us about teamwork. I'd read some of the resources posted on the UTSOnline beforehand - which made all of us groan upon reading the dreaded word belonging off the screen off my Netbook - and had thought over some of my experiences of groupwork before, seeing reasons which people would work in groups and the way some groups function.

My experience has not all been good of course. No finger pointing, but obviously there have been cases of some people not pulling their weight and not meeting deadlines (of course, they tell me this is something definitely to be expected). Given the opportunity, I think I can be a pretty good team leader, it's just that although I can be somewhat organised, have direction and so on, I'm just too lenient of a person, and if someone ends up not finishing something or there's something unclaimed, I would go and do it myself. Perhaps some of it has to do with the fact that I rather like to do some on-hand work - which is why I've always been a little apprehensive about Management positions. Do they still get the chance to actually do on-hand work rather than to instruct others on what work they should be doing? So far, I get the impression that it's not all like that, of course, from the sponsor visits, however, this still has not completely reassured me. I suppose time may tell.

In any case, although the teamwork session was not necessarily something I would not have realised in due time, I know now what to look for, since it has been pointed out to me. When you hear about it, the reaction you get is that it's not something that you don't know (at least if you are thinking rationally), but when in the actual situation, it doesn't hit you until later... This is nothing particularly surprising, and is often the case. I hope that I can see such a situation approaching before it happens and causes us a dilemma however.

Tutorial My first tutorial was somewhat odd. The teacher is a research student currently at UTS. Although we had been distributed sheets during the lecture about what would be happening within the tutorial session, we did not follow the sheet at all and instead did a lot of chatting about information systems.

After a cursory going around of the room with each person merely reading out their name and their desired result from the subject (obviously I'd want as high as I could...), we started talking about different information systems. I'd actually been looking forward to walking around in pairs, learning more about my class, but this obviously was not to be and was somewhat a disappointment for that reason.

Although the information systems discussion may be useful in the future (the failure of an information system), there was a point I mentioned about the speed of a system, like the speed in which it responds. I'm not exactly sure what he thought I said, although he seemed to grasp the point at the time, and yet he mentioned it again barely 5 minutes later, and I just sighed.

We formated our groups for Assignment 1. But due to the fact that I really didn't know anyone, since we pretty much skipped what we were supposed to do in that class, mostly the class appeared to form groups with people in their immediate area - obviously some of them knew each other - while the others sort of wandered around until they were invited into a group still missing members. Me and two other girls were at the front, and we looked at each other and asked where we lived. In terms of area of residence, it couldn't be a bigger nightmare, to be perfectly honest. I dread to think exactly how we shall work on the assignment with all of us present, unless we do it all at UTS, and yet we cannot pick a video store to research within the CBD (was this mentioned on the sheet, I am not clear, however I was not told this and someone else told me this).

At any rate, I'm not totally sure we were communicating in that class. A class about communicating, yet I felt like I was missing the tutor's every second word and he was missing every second word of ours, judging by the things he neglected to write up on the board as it was said. (Also I could not read his short hand. AC DE is what exactly? I can only GUESS it's supposed to be Account Details, since we were going through a diagram he'd drawn of a Banking system which I felt was seriously flawed.)

I am concerned.

Wish me luck.