Company Christmas Party

Your first company Christmas Party is a bit special, I think, no matter what anyone says about it being a commercialised holiday, a pointless celebration, and whatnot. It’s your chance to bring the partner along, to get humiliated (a little), and just to spend a bit of time outside of work, excluding lunches. I was almost tempted to skip mine, despite this but luckily in the end I went and had a great time anyway.

I met my colleagues partners, was kissed on the cheek while I tried not to show how surprised I was or how awkward I felt, was hugged by a co-worker and praised for my thoughtful presents and was called ‘my girl’ by a co-worker’s husband. Is this a normal thing for caucasian parents to do?

Despite arriving (un)fashionably late, failing to take advantage of the food and drink as I should have, and wandering the streets for almost an hour at midnight looking for a cab though, it was a decent first experience, and one I would relish to participate in again.