HTML5 Commentary

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Vince recently made a post about HTML 5.1 and while I think it's wonderful that HTML5 is happening and taking over from things such as Flash, there is definitely a whole lot of weirdness in some parts of their specifications which make us sometimes wonder what direction they're taking. Perhaps we'll see the value of it in the future, however while we're still closer to home, writing:

<nav role="navigation"></nav>

... still seems redundant on many levels. Of course, there can be primary and secondary navigation blocks on a page, which is where this 'role' may come into use, but the ambiguity of what these tags can refer to has been a topic of the past (Zeldman, 2009). Even now, there are probably still many areas where there are still many ambiguities to be sorted out, but it's reassuring to see that the specification is being worked on continuously.

Please take this with a grain of salt, knowing that I am no expert on this area. This is merely an uninformed commentary on the state of HTML5.

References:       Zeldman 2009, HTML 5: nav ambiguity resolved, viewed 22 March 2013, <>.

By the way: What's the use of <code> tags, when I still have to use & l t ; and & g t ; inside them to get code to show properly.. Looks like something I need to look into.